About Us

Bringing knowledge and support to all new parents

Becoming a parent can be quite a shock to the system! You’ve heard this before from countless well-meaning friends and relatives. In the age of information, it is easy to feel like you’re drowning from all the advice. From diapers to breastfeeding, everyone seems to be on a mission to convince you what is best.


It is this exact journey that inspired Oksana Korsakova to create The Baby Manual™. While pregnant with her daughter, Oksana did what most parents do to prepare for baby’s arrival: set up a nursery, read a few books, and attend a hospital class. How hard can a baby be for a competent adult?


Turns out that the typical preparation new parents receive misses several key areas critical to feeling confident in their new role:


  • How to not overwhelm yourself with all the baby gear that you don’t really need

  • How to set yourself up for success in breastfeeding

  • How to quickly stop baby from crying

  • How to establish healthy sleep habits from the start

  • How to perform CPR on an infant and when to call a doctor

  • How parenthood will affect your sense of identity and a relationship with your partner

  • How to find balance that allows you to still feel like your old self

On a mission to reinvent the way parents are empowered in their journey, Oksana decided to bring together highly experienced industry experts that debunk common myths and share science-backed techniques that have been proven to work again and again.


On top of that, she wanted to add the human element of real families that bring empathy to everything you are about to go through. You will see actual babies – not pictures or dolls – in all of their glory: crying, poop, and everything else that comes with them! Honesty, humor, and practical information are the principles of The Baby Manual™.

“What’s outstanding is that The Baby Manual manages to be both professional and thorough, but in a warm, informal, non-threatening way. The producers achieved this effect by using a mixture of “experts” (from doctors to doulas to lactation specialists to sleep consultants) and “experts-by-experience” (young parents who’ve been in the trenches and lived to tell the story.) The combination is completely effective and listening to the young mothers and fathers candidly talking about “life after baby” is absorbing. The best “baby book” in the world couldn’t have the impact of seeing and hearing these real life stories.” – Whistlers Mom

We believe that being a parent is being a leader. Most people are not born to be natural leaders, they are trained to be one. Unless parents have prior leadership experience at work or in the community, they are starting from scratch in this area without any tools. A huge part of being a good leader is being happy yourself. The Baby Manual™ is really a Parent Manual: we will help you find life balance, be happy, and be a good leader to your child!