Our Experts

We’ve got a dream team of top-notch experts who are passionate about sharing their best advice with you!

Selena Brown

Selena is a certified child carseat safety technician and the public education officer for Woodside Fire Protection District in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has served as co-chair for the Northern California Public Education Committee for two terms.

Taryn Mickus

Taryn is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and founder of Milk Nook, which provides in-home breastfeeding support for mothers. She consults for California Pacific Medical Center and has served on the board of the Bay Area Lactation Associates.

Becky Roosevelt

Becky is a certified child sleep consultant and founder of Snug as a Bug Pediatric Sleep Consulting. She works directly with families nationwide to get their child’s sleep on track.

Heather Ward

Heather has been working with children and families since 1992. She teaches babycare, breastfeeding, and childbirth preparation courses and provides doula services through her company Birthlore.

James Barr

James Barr is a Paramedic and a CPR instructor who is certified with the American Heart Association (AHA). He works with LifeSaver CPR that teaches approximately 400 classes each year.

Kasia Hopewell

Kasia Hopewell is a naturopathic doctor practicing general family medicine with a special emphasis in pediatric and women’s health. She seeks to find the root cause of illness and help her patient’s reach optimal health, naturally.

Karen Schwarzbach

Karen is a certified child sleep consultant who has been working with expectant and new parents for seventeen years. She has helped thousands of families worldwide improve their children’s sleep with her unique Babies to Sleep system.

Kirsten Kell

Kirsten is a licensed marriage and family therapist who works with new parents on issues specific to big life transitions, such as balancing family and work life, changing roles and identity, problem-solving, and communication skills.

Lori Collins

Lori is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice in California since 1990. Lori is dedicated to helping couples and individuals keep their marriages & relationships alive and thriving after baby comes along.

Liisa Hale

Liisa has 30 years of experience as a teacher and director in full-day childcare programs for children under 5. She is currently a Co-Director of BlueSkies for Children, an NAEYC Accredited program in California. She co-authored the book and DVD “Second Home: A Day in the Life of a Model Early Childhood Program”.

Robin LeGrand

Robin is the owner of A Nanny Connection, an award winning nanny agency. She has been running the company since 1996 and has a wealth of experience creating secure and cherished relationships between families and their caregivers.

Maria Osmena

Maria is a board-certified pediatric doctor and owner of LiveWell Medical Clinic. As a mother of two, she is committed to providing high quality health care with emphasis on preventive well-child care.