The Baby Manual™: Healthy Sleep





Teach good habits, reduce night wakings, and get the rest you need!


There is nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby in your arms… until you realize they sleep ONLY if you hold them.


As a result:


  • Babies are kept awake for too long,
  • With bedtime that’s too late,
  • And naps that are too short

We will show you how to avoid these common pitfalls and gently teach your baby to fall asleep independently.


Running time: 38 minutes



ONLINE STREAMING ONLY (6 months access)

1.  Why Important


2.  Room Environment


3.  Early Bedtime


4.  Timing Naps


5.  Sleepy Cues


6.  Setting Routine


7.  Length of Naps


8.  Avoid Crutches


9.  Night Time


10.  Sleep Training


11.  “Pick Up/Put Down”


12.  “Chair”


13.  “Timed Interval”


14.  “Cry It Out”


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