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Dad To Be Guide on What to Expect Expectant Father's Manual To Baby And Fatherhood

Dad To Be Guide on What to Expect Expectant Father's Manual To Baby And Fatherhood

It’s no secret that expectant fathers often feel left out and unprepared when the baby arrives. Many books and classes on baby care are mostly tailored to moms, not dad to be. When I found out that my wife was pregnant, I was overjoyed, excited, and happy. However, that quickly turned to feeling anxious, nervous, and scared. Being a guy, what do I instinctively do?…fix it!  Let’s just say I did not take the best approach.


I am fortunate to have a lot of strong father figures in my life. Dads that I consider to be great providers, role models, family men, and have amazing kids to show for it. Therefore, I figured why not just ask them. After doing so, I felt less prepared than ever!  The advice they gave me was good and it opened my eyes to what having a baby was really like. However, the “perfect fathers” who made everything look easy were actually overwhelmed, tired, unsure, sleep-deprived, and, as one father put it, “extremely unprepared”.


A friend went on to mention how his mom bailed him out more often than he was willing to admit.   Another new dad declared that “this was the most difficult job” he ever had. They all agreed it takes a lot of hard work and a whole bunch of trial and error for any dad to be.  Their intentions were good and definitely gave me a perspective. BUT this did not give me the confidence I was looking for.


So I decided to go to the internet. I needed to find out how to survive the journey ahead of me. What I discovered was a mish-mash of information with many gaps and contradictions. I was desperate for a no-nonsense, easy to follow guide that showed me how to care for my baby.  I did not realize it then, but at that moment is when I became a father. I was no longer concerned about my own well-being and was willing to do whatever it took to do a good job with my soon-to-be-born baby.


After my wife and I combed through book after book, took several classes, and overloaded ourselves with information from the internet, I started to second guess myself and soon began to panic. It all started to get mixed up. I knew I wouldn’t remember it all by the time baby arrived and wouldn’t have time after delivery to go back and re-read. All we could do at that point was to agree that we’d done everything we could and should now focus on the delivery.


Soon after giving birth to a beautiful baby girl and arriving home, we discovered just how ill-prepared we were. The next couple of months would be the most difficult I have ever experienced. Once we got our bearings, I vividly remember my wife looking at me and saying with an exhausted tone, “There has to be a better way!”. At that point, the seed for what soon would grow into The Baby Manual was planted.

– Kurt Domine, Co-Founder of The Baby Manual™

baby care manual dvd with-discs-parenting-program
  • Watch step-by-step demonstrations with real babies
  • Hear from other moms and dads on things they learned along the way
  • Learn from the best baby care experts on what truly works

Save hours reading books and make a fun movie night out of learning. Watch at your own pace and reference back as your baby grows. With The Baby Manual, you’ll receive professional advice valued over $1,000! Not to mention all the money you’ll save by learning what baby gear is essential versus that which is completely unnecessary.

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“Co-created by a new dad in search of answers, this is a concise, entertaining, visual tutorial that deals with just about everything new parents will face. You’ll see and hear from real families with real problems, as well as from a wide variety of experts, including baby sleep coaches, pediatricians, lactation consultant, CPR instructors, and many others.”

– Armin Brott, author of 8 bestselling books on fatherhood



“Don’t be like the most of us – don’t be the learn as you go parent! Why would you do that if you have this. Hope every new parent know about this and take advantage of it. This video is truly a “baby manual”. I never thought there would be anything like this.” – Arthur Ly


“The only bad thing about this Manual is that we read SO many books and took several classes before finding it. As a couple who really did read over 20 “get ready for baby” books and went to all the recommended classes, I can tell you that this disc set has found all of the most important information and all of my favorite tips from all of my other learning, while also managing to cut out the redundant and not-so-helpful information that everything else seems to have” – Matthew Thibodeaux


“The tips in this video are simply invaluable! From how CPR for Infants, how to introduce your pets to your baby, to discussing the issue of sex after delivery – this video series really has it all.” – R. Fuqua


“Oh, my gosh, there’s a huge section on CRYING…how to reduce crying & how to soothe a crying baby. I don’t know if you’ve had experience with this, but I sure did. I finally had most everything figured out by the time my babies grew out of it. If I would’ve had this information back then, my life & baby’s would’ve been more serene & less stressful.” – Lynn V.


“As an RN that worked in a hospital labor and delivery department, I know how nervous new Moms and Dads can be. I wish these DVDs would have been available at that time. I would have recommended them to all the new Moms and Dads. This is definitely a 5 star product.” – J. Trost


“Reading books together as a couple is difficult. I find it easier to watch something together with my husband. That is why The Baby Manual DVD set is perfect for us. We can sit down together and learn everything there is to know to prepare for parenthood – from infant CPR to finding childcare.” – Jaclyn Anne


“Everyone should watch the CPR chapter including the grandparents. That’s something a book can’t show you.” – Jason Alexander


“One of the most important parenting resources ever created. An absolute must-have for new parents!” – Stas Bogatyuk



  • 4 Hours of Premium Content
  • OnDemand HD Streaming
  • Unlimited Plays for 6 Months
  • View on Web, Mobile, & Tablet




  • 4 Hours of Premium Content
  • Eco-friendly 2-Disc Set
  • Quickly Jump to Any Topic
  • Reference for Future Pregnancies
  • Excellent Baby Shower Gift

Complete Access

  • Both Online & DVD
  • View on Web, Mobile, & Tablet
  • Watch at Home or On-The-Go
  • Quickly Jump to Any Topic
  • Convenience & Flexibility
  • Ultimate Baby Shower Gift


1. Welcome!

  • Watch a quick intro from our producer.

2. Baby Gear

So much to buy, so little space. Not to worry – you actually need a lot less than most “must have” lists would have you believe.

  • Nursery
  • Diaper Supplies
  • Breastfeeding
  • Clothing
  • Grooming
  • Car Seat
  • Miscellaneous

3. Getting Home

You did it! You made it through delivery and are ready to head home. Now what?

  • Seat Installation
  • Securing Baby
  • Greeting Pets
  • First Day Home

4. Early Weeks

Yes, the first weeks home are amazing. And challenging. And full of surprises. Learning what to expect is the most important step in reducing the anxiety and making the most of this precious time.

  • What to Expect
  • Creating Routine
  • Nighttime Parenting
  • Baby Blues
  • Bonding With Baby

5. Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding can at times be more challenging that most of us expect. Learn how you can prepare in advance and avoid common mistakes that lead to pain and low milk supply.

  • Benefits
  • Common Setbacks
  • Proper Latch
  • Positions
  • Signs of Fullness
  • Hunger Signs
  • Milk Supply
  • Engorgement
  • Nipple pain
  • Burping
  • Manual Expression
  • Pumping
  • Storing Milk
  • Warming Bottle
  • Plugged Ducts
  • Coffee & Alcohol
  • Nursing in Public

6. Formula Feeding

We’ll share feeding and time-saving tips and address societal pressures on those who aren’t breastfeeding.

  • Formula Types
  • Preparation
  • Planning Ahead
  • Correct Bottle Feeding
  • Mixed Emotions

7. Diapering & Bathing

The most important part about dealing with a messy baby? Keep your sense of humor! We’ll share a few tricks that make this part of parenting a breeze.

  • Pee, Poo, & Spit Ups
  • Changing Diaper
  • Cloth Diapering
  • Surviving Blowouts
  • Cutting nails
  • Sponge Bath
  • Tub Bath


8. Reducing Crying

Babies cry – there is no way around it. However, there are many effective techniques that greatly reduce the amount of time they cry.

  • Why Babies Cry
  • Swaddling
  • Rocking
  • Shushing
  • Pacifier
  • Colic

9. Health & CPR

Learn which common health concerns you will likely encounter with your newborn. While our CPR demonstration is not a complete course, it will give you an idea on what to do if your baby is chocking or becomes unconscious.

  • Diaper Rash
  • Cradle Cap
  • Baby Acne
  • Diarrhea/Constipation
  • Gassiness
  • Colds & Fever
  • Basic CPR

10. Sleep Routine

Many babies sleep whenever and wherever… until they are 3 months old! That’s when consistent routine and timing are critical.

  • Why Sleep is Important
  • Room Environment
  • Early Bedtime
  • Timing Naps
  • Sleepy Cues
  • Setting Routine
  • Length of Naps
  • Avoiding Crutches
  • Night Time
  • Sleep Training Methods

11. Fun Activities

Babies are a lot of work. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun too!

  • Getting Outside
  • Mothers’ Groups
  • Talking to Baby
  • Singing & Music
  • Tummy Time
  • Other Ideas

12. Out and About

Having a baby doesn’t mean staying home! Get yourself packed and go on exploring. You may see the world very differently now that you’re a parent…

  • Packing Diaper Bag
  • Feeding On The Go
  • Changing On The Go
  • Air travel

13. Finding Childcare

The idea of leaving your precious baby with a stranger can be a major source of stress. With proper research and preparation, you will have the confidence in knowing that your little one is in good hands.

  • Choosing Care
  • Nanny
  • Daycare
  • Advance Preparation
  • Pumping at Work
  • Emotional Challenges

14. Adjusting to Parenthood

Change in lifestyle that baby brings is inevitable. However, we can make the transition easier by anticipating some of the common stressors and learning how to deal with them.

  • Transition of Identity
  • Increase in Conflicts
  • Finding Alone Time
  • Postpartum Depression
  • Challenges for Dad
  • Sex Life
  • Trusting Your Gut

Frequently Asked Questions

If I purchase The Baby Manual™ program, do I also need to read books and attend classes?

  • No, The Baby Manual™ combines the best information you’ll find in books, classes, and online. We’ve done the homework for you and put together a truly comprehensive course that prepares you for all aspects of transition to parenthood.

How is your program different from a baby care class at my hospital?

  • We cover everything you may learn in a baby care class, but we offer several big advantages. All techniques we discuss are demonstrated with real babies. You can learn at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home. The information is easy to reference later – jump to any topic you need to review as your baby grows. The perspective and knowledge we offer comes from a variety of diverse experts and parents rather than one instructor. In many cases, we are significantly more cost effective too!

When is the best time to start watching The Baby Manual™?

  • We recommend starting at least 3 months prior to due date. This allows enough time to digest the information and plan ahead. It is important that you discuss what you learn – with your partner and/or other caregivers – so that everyone is on the same page on what’s to come.

Is The Baby Manual™ meant primarily for moms?

  • Not at all! In fact, The Baby Manual™ was co-created by a dad who wanted to be involved, but couldn’t find parenting resources that appealed to men. Many couples enjoy making a movie night (or two…) out of The Baby Manual™, popcorn included! It can be a great bonding experience. Our program is also useful for grandparents, nannies, or any other caretakers that will help with the baby.

There is already so much I have to buy for my baby, why should I spend money on this?

  • Knowledge is power. How to soothe a baby that won’t stop crying in the middle of the night. How to get her to latch when she’s refusing to breastfeed. How to keep your sanity when you feel like your whole life is not your own anymore. Believe us, that kind of knowledge is worth much more than the latest gadget you see in a baby store. In fact, our program will pay for itself after you watch our Baby Gear chapter and learn all that you DON’T need to buy!

All I care about is giving birth to a healthy baby, won’t I pick up the rest as I go?

  • We get it, childbirth is scary and it’s all you can think about at this point. It may even feel presumptuous to look ahead to life with your little one. In all likelihood, everything will be just fine and you’ll deliver a happy bundle of joy. Then what? The sad reality is that parents get more education on how to operate a car than how to care for a tiny human being. While some things might come easy, most parents really struggle during the first few months. There is a reason you often hear them say that those are the toughest moments of their entire life! We are here to prove that it doesn’t have to be that way… But it starts with you being proactive and taking control over your journey.

Aren’t all babies different? How do I know these techniques will work on mine?

  • It’s true, all babies are unique in their temperament and personalities. However, they all share the same basic needs. Techniques we show you have been practiced across many different cultures for centuries because they really work on most babies.

What time commitment does The Baby Manual™ program require?

  • You know what they say about a picture being worth a thousand words. Well, a video is worth even more! It takes us a minute to show you what takes an entire chapter to describe. Still, our program is 4 hours long and for good reason. There is much to learn before you can feel confident in your new role. Though you can watch it all at once, we recommend breaking it up in smaller chunks that are easy to digest.

Do you show in detail how to use all baby products?

  • Yes and no. We don’t go into specific instructions for a particular brand. Those you can easily read on your own depending on what you choose to buy. We do use many common products for demonstrations throughout the movie, so you’ll have a very good idea on how to operate them.

How comprehensive is your CPR section? Should I attend a CPR class separately?

  • Our infant CPR chapter is taught by a certified CPR instructor and gives an overview on what to do if your baby is unconscious, choking, or having a seizure. It is not meant to replace a general CPR certification course that takes an entire day and goes into a lot more detail. If you have never taken a complete CPR class before, we recommend that you reach out to your local provider to learn the skills that can one day save a life.

There is so much conflicting information on parenting, how do you decide what to listen to?

  • Listen to your gut. Intuition is your biggest tool when it comes to parenting. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. Filter what you read and hear. Question the so-called “experts” that are all over the internet. Question us! At the end of the day, you need to be ok with the decisions YOU make for your baby and yourself.

I have to return to work after maternity leave. Will The Baby Manual™ apply to me?

  • Absolutely. We understand the reality of modern day. Some families cannot afford to stay home with the baby. Others want more balance with home life and career. Whatever you decide, we’ve got you covered! We have an entire chapter dedicated to giving you a piece of mind when you return back to work.

Our baby was born a month ago, is it too late to watch The Baby Manual™?

  • Not at all. You may no longer need the info on the basics, such as changing the diaper or giving a bath. But that’s a small fraction of what we cover. In fact, many of our customers discover The Baby Manual™ when faced with an issue several weeks after birth. We often hear from parents who have had a baby (or two!) before and yet they still find The Baby Manual™ incredibly helpful.

Is The Baby Manual™ covered by my health insurance?

  • Unfortunately, not at this time. However, we are working with several insurance companies to make The Baby Manual™ program accessible to all families expecting their first baby.

Can I purchase any of the chapters separately?

  • Yes! By popular request, our Breastfeeding and Healthy Sleep chapters are available for purchase separately in our Store.

What if I simply don’t like it?

  • Not a problem. We have a Risk-Free Empowerment Guarantee that allows you to return the video program within 30 days for a full refund of your purchase price. If you do not feel more confident, well informed, better equipped, and fully prepared to thrive in parenthood after watching The Baby Manual™, we will refund your money. There really is nothing to lose and everything to gain!


  • 4 Hours of Premium Content
  • OnDemand HD Streaming
  • Unlimited Plays for 6 Months
  • View on Web, Mobile, & Tablet


  • 4 Hours of Premium Content
  • Eco-friendly 2-Disc Set
  • Quickly Jump to Any Topic
  • Reference for Future Pregnancies
  • Excellent Baby Shower Gift

Complete Access

  • Both Online & DVD
  • View on Web, Mobile, Tablet, & TV
  • Watch at Home or On-The-Go
  • Quickly Jump to Any Topic
  • Convenience & Flexibility
  • Ultimate Baby Shower Gift