Having a Baby? Get ready for some “Weird Advice” How to determine what is "good advice" for new parents

Having a Baby? Get ready for some “Weird Advice” How to determine what is "good advice" for new parents

Having a baby? Congratulations! Transitioning to parenthood is exciting and as you will soon learn, it is filled with lots of unsolicited advice. More often then not, the advice shared has the opposite effect of how it was intended. Good intentions often leave soon-to-be parents more nervous and confused than before. Most moms and dads who have made that transition to parenthood look back, once things have settled down, and think, That could have went smoother.  They do not want to actually do it over again, but like High School, they think, if I knew then what I know now, oh I would have been sooo popular! Is it that “itch” that they are trying to scratch when they force feed advice to soon-to-be parents? It seems their intentions are good but it does not mean the advice is. In some cases, the abundance of advice you receive can significantly effect your ability to decipher good from bad. This can reek havoc on your self confidence and impair your instincts’ ability to make the best decisions for you and your family. The odd thing is, those parent so eager to share advice were on the receiving end when they were having a baby and where no better off because of it.


So why do parents feel an uncontrollable urge to share parenting advice?

Is it something in our DNA that is there to ensure our survival? Maybe. Especially, when you realize the “Village” needed to raise a baby has evolved. The physical “Village” support system made up of eager friends and family is becoming more and more dispersed. Many new parents are receiving the guidance and support that need virtually or from an “Online Village” through parent preparation programs like The Baby Manual – Parent Empowerment Program. Other resources such as online forums, blogs, and parenting websites can also play a big role in the transition to parenthood.


Is it a genuine desire to help other parents? Is it a way to relive the glory days…or secretly celebrate that those days are far behind? Or is it a little bit of all these reasons and a handful of others not mentioned? Well, maybe this video will give you some insight…


So funny and so true! Just know, not everything is so obviously wrong. Sometimes advice from parents you think have it all figured out can be untimely and irrelevant. It can also do more harm then good if it creates anxiety or fear or even a false sense of confidence.


More advice for people having a baby (Ooops, now I am doing it!)

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Together we thrive in parenthood

Since there are obvious forces compelling us to share this advice, please comment below with what you feel was the best Unsolicited Parenting Advice you ever received.


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