Working Together – Affiliate program Great way to earn money and provide support to new parents

The Baby Manual’s Affiliate Stork Program is a great way to earn money and provide support to new parents. Become an affiliate today and earn commission on every purchase made through your affiliate link. Do not forget to use your affiliate ID wherever you are placing affiliate links or simply referring us to your customers and friends.

Are you a professional care provider? (hospital, shelter, birth center, doula, mid wife, etc.)

We have many services and resources available which can be tailored to fit your needs and the needs of your customers. Thanks to the support provided by our professional care provider affiliates, we have created a versatile system that can track referrals generated by the organization and/or specific members. In addition, each professional care provider is assigned an account manager who will set up your account, provide you with a complimentary The Baby Manual – Parent Empowerment Program, deliver printed marketing material, and evaluate the best way to support you and your customers. Please contact us for additional information.

Are you a blogger?

We provide many ready-made solutions for monetizing your blog with our affiliate program. Our affiliates area has several text links campaigns, banners, and creatives that are free to use and allow for a positive impact. Select from our pre-made resources, or simply use your own text links by featuring our products. Our goal is to minimize your efforts and maximize your revenue while at the same time helping moms and dads thrive in parenthood. Also, we understand passion makes you good at what you do so for all established bloggers or blog owners of relevant content blogs, we will provide you with complimentary access to our award winning The Baby Manual™ – Parent Empowerment Program (0-6 months). Understanding the power and significance of this media source will undoubtedly have a significant impact. Please contact us to request access or learn more.

Do you own/manage a website?

Add your affiliate link to your website and each completed transaction made will generate commission. Several resources are available to streamline this process and increase your earnings.  In addition, we are open to a mutual exchange of endorsement as long as it is complementary to our product offering and is consistent with our high standard of service and quality. Please contact us directly if you meet the above guidelines and are interested in learning more about website endorsements.

Are you an internet marketing consultant?

This applies to any aspect of advertising, SEO services, consulting, hosting/domain registration, social & email marketing, software development, web applications, etc.
You are welcome to use all the necessary tools for promoting The Baby Manual™ across all your relevant business channels. If you require some extra tools or have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Do you just want to be a stork?

Anyone can join our Affiliate Stork Program but we are especially looking for positive individuals, groups, and companies who are motivated to help others and provide families with the foundation to thrive. We encourage you to read our about page, some testimonies and reviews from our customers, and the “Helpful facts to get the most out of our affiliate program” section on our Affiliate Benefits page before applying. Once you understand our mission, the potential impact to families, and feel a desire to bring it to fruition, please apply. We would love to work together. If you have any questions, please contact us.


Text links

Use text links to promote our products on your website. To make the link affiliate, just add /stork/affiliate ID/ after the landing page URL or after the URL of any product page.
Here’s an example for the landing page:

Example of product page:

Don’t hesitate to use link shorteners. The links will still source affiliate.


Use our banners to create constant flow of customers and increase your sales. Do not forget to use affiliate code before you put them on the front page of your website. Download any of our pre-made banners in our Creatives section (you have to be logged into your affiliate account)

Coupon Code Link

Qualified affiliates can request a coupon code that provides their customer with a discount on specific products.  These coupon codes can be applied at check out by the customer and will automatically source affiliate who provided the referral once customer completes transaction. To request a coupon code, please contact us (terms and conditions apply).


Widgets can help make the process more automatic. By adding our WordPress-compatible widget to your WP admin panel, you will be able to automatically advertise our themes to your readers. It takes less than 5 minutes to install and will be doing the entire job for you. (you have to be logged into your affiliate account)


Together we thrive!