Affiliate Benefits


  • Anyone can become an Affiliate and we cater to each person
  • Quick and easy integration so you can hit the ground running
  • We pay for each sale and offer incentives for larger volume
  • Progressive commission plan:
    0 – 9 unit sales per month = 20% commission rate on total sale amount
    10 – 29 unit sales per month = 25%
    30 – 59  unit sales per month = 30%
    60 – 99 unit sales per month = 35%
    100+ unit sales per month = 40%
  • Recruit additional affiliates for our affiliate program and receive your team leader’s 5% cut.
  • 30 day cookie gives credit to the affiliate that made the initial referral. See Terms of Use for more information.
  • The average price of The Baby Manual Programs is $62, which makes the basic commission rate of 20% result in an average of $12 per sale.
  • Opportunity to increase your earning commission up to 40%, would make the average sale price result in an average commission of $24. At 100 units sold in one month that would be a commission check for roughly $2,400.
  • We accept various payment methods: Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express.
  • Our trained affiliate support team and customer service department are here to ensure a positive transaction.

Keys to getting the most out of the affiliate program:

  • Affiliates who feature our pre-made links, banners, and creatives on their blogs, forums, and websites bring more traffic.
  • Blogs, forums, and websites that are directly related to parenting and specifically providing support for new parents will have a higher conversion. Although, since this is also a very popular baby shower gift, potential customers can be anywhere.
  • Social media is extremely important and our target audience is easy to identify; Pregnant women and soon to be dads.
  • The more affiliate links on your websites, the more traffic you are going to generate. So don’t forget to link to us.
  • Consistency and placement are key to generating visits and referrals. Results quickly follow after you create good daily traffic to our site.
  • Convert this traffic to sales by encouraging your readers to buy our products. Hundreds of testimonies and reviews are available to support your recommendation.
  • Affiliates generally see a significant increase in conversion on the 4th week of an active affiliate marketing campaign.
  • Tell your fellow affiliates and friends to join our cause and you will earn an additional 5% of what they sell.
  • We are here to support you so do not hesitate to let use know how we can help.