FAQ for Affiliates


How do I get started?

  • Register/Apply HERE
  • Read the Affiliate Terms of Use
  • Wait for email confirmation of acceptance (Normally takes less than 30 minutes)
  • Log into your account and familiarize yourself with our user friendly system and effective tools.
  • Spread the word and start earning money!

Is there any cost to become an affiliate?

No, there are ZERO costs to become an affiliate, but a whole lot to gain!


How is an affiliate tracked?

An affiliate promotes The Baby Manual products using their affiliate link which typically looks like this:


and when a customer clicks the above shown affiliate link and lands on babymanual.com, the affiliate’s ID (12 in the example above) is stored in a cookie, within the customer’s browser. If the customer makes a purchase, the affiliate that the customer is tracking is awarded commission on the sale.


Is the affiliate tracked across all pages of the site?

Absolutely! Since the affiliate’s ID is stored in a cookie, the affiliate is tracked across all pages on the site. If the customer visits any other page on your website and purchases, the tracked affiliate will receive a commission. Don’t worry, if they click on your link and buy within 30 days, you will get the credit.


How long does the tracking cookie stay in the customer’s browser?

We have a 30 cookie, which means that if your referring visitors come back any time within 30 days, you will earn a commission on their purchase. Please note, a visitor may clear their browser cookies at any time, in which case the affiliate will no longer be tracked. Who doesn’t want cookies?


If a customer clicks on 2 different affiliate links from 2 different affiliates, which one is saved?

The first affiliate link that the customer clicks will store the affiliate’s ID in a cookie for 30 days and it cannot be overridden from the second link unless the cookie expires, or the customer clears their browser cookies and then clicks on the second link. It pays to be first!


How do I track my referrals?

We provide each affiliate with a detailed real time reporting system showing status of each visit, referral, and commission. All tracking data can be found in the Affiliate Area once an affiliate is logged into their account.


What are some more variations of affiliate referral URLs?

Listed below are all the variations of a referral URL that affiliates can use to promote The Baby Manual products.

Example: if your affiliate ID was 12 and affiliate name was John Doe, the following URLs would work:

  • babymanual.com/stork/12
  • babymanual.com/stork/john.doe
  • babymanual.com/page/stork/12
  • babymanual.com/page/stork/john.doe
  • babymanual.com/?stork=12
  • babymanual.com/?stork=john.doe
  • babymanual.com/page?stork=12
  • babymanual.com/page?stork=john.doe

How do I generate affiliate referral URLs/links?

There are three easy ways that affiliates can generate referral links:

  1. The affiliate can add their unique affiliate ID to the end of any URL or product page our website. For example: https://babymanual.com/product page/stork/12. And if you wanted to send a visitor directly to the product page for The Baby Manual: Complete Guide it would look like https://babymanual.com/product/the-baby-manual-parent-empowerment-program/stork/12
  2. The affiliate can generate their own referral link from the Affiliate Area by pasting the page URL from any page on your site into the Page URL field and clicking the Generate URL button
  3. The affiliate can generate campaign referral link from the Affiliate Area which can help track individual referral campaigns.  See below for campaign tracking instructions.

How do I use affiliate referral URL campaign tracking?

Affiliate referral URLs can include a campaign parameter to help track and monitor the performance of your affiliate links. Affiliates can name their campaigns in the Affiliate Area when generating an affiliate referral link, or manually append a campaign name to an affiliate referral link. When using the generator, the campaign name will be automatically appended to their affiliate referral link. Here are a couple of examples of what the affiliate referral link looks like with a campaign parameter added:

  • https://babymanual.com/stork/12?campaign=twitterjanuary
  • https://babymanual.com/product/the-baby-manual-parent-empowerment-program/stork/12&campaign=twitterjanuary

Affiliates can use campaigns to place specific affiliate links in specific marketing channels – such as in an email, on a particular social media platform, or on their own website.  Some examples of campaign names an affiliate might use are: “Winter email”, “Twitter January”, “Facebook sale”, “Summer special”, and so on.

We recommend using a short, simple campaign name. A campaign name between 15 and 25 characters can effectively describe a date, product, and channel for where a specific campaign link is being shared. Additionally, some social media channels have a limited amount of characters available. The more characters in an affiliate referral link, the less space available to market the product.

Using this campaign parameter will enable affiliates to identify where they should focus their marketing efforts for maximum sales and referrals. This will definitely help you work smarter and not harder!


Can I still promote The Baby Manual products if I don’t have a website?

Yes, definitely! Some of our most effective affiliates generate a majority of their referrals from blogs, social media, offline, and anywhere else using their unique referral links as previously described.


How can I share The Baby Manual site and products through social media?

Affiliates can use their affiliate referral link to promote The Baby Manual products through any of their own social media networks (including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more). Let the power of social media set you free!

When affiliates share their affiliate referral links on these platforms they must follow these guidelines in order to showcase The Baby Manual products properly; all links shared by affiliates in a social media post should display the correct page title or product title, the correct site image or product image, the correct page URL, and/or a correct description.  To access our pre-approved text, banners, and creatives, please log in to your affiliate account>affiliate area>creatives and then cut and past accordingly.


Can I view my referral earnings?

Yes you can! When you are logged in to your affiliate account, you will be able to view your referral earnings, referrals over time, a log of visits, and more. Affiliates say this is one of their favorite things to do.


What are the benefits of joining this Affiliate Program?

Each member of The Baby Manual Affiliate “Stork” Program has an opportunity to earn up to 40% commission just for spreading the word about this multi-award winning video program. When soon to be moms and dads click your referral link, they are presented with a one-stop solution that will enable them to learn quick, be prepared, and thrive in parenthood! Affiliates also have an opportunity to Receive The Baby Manual giveaways for your readers, customers, or followers. In addition, affiliates can receive dedicated The Baby Manual™ and Parent Education Media, LLC content to use on your website, blog, etc..  The affiliate tracking and support system has been designed with the help of several extremely successful affiliates so that it is simple, easy to use, and effective. Other than a high earning potential, access to unique content, and a user friendly system, you have the opportunity to be part of the Parent Empowerment Revolution! For more benefit information, please see Affiliate Benefits.


How much will I get paid for each sale?

We have one of the best progressive commission plans for our affiliates and there is no limit on how much an affiliate can earn. Based on your total unit sales in any given month, you would receive the below noted commission percentage on the total sale amount (not including tax or shipping):


0 – 9 unit sales per month = 20% commission rate on total sale amount

10 – 29 unit sales per month = 25%

30 – 59  unit sales per month = 30%

60 – 99 unit sales per month = 35%

100+ unit sales per month = 40%


*Recruit additional affiliates for our affiliate program and receive your team leader’s 5% cut.

*The average price of The Baby Manual Programs is $62, which makes the basic commission rate of 20% result in an average of $12 per sale.

*Opportunity to increase your earning commission up to 40%, would make the average sale price result in an average commission of $25. At 100 units sold in one month that would be a commission check for roughly $2,500.


Is there a minimum number of referrals I need to be paid?

No! There is no minimum number of referrals required to earn commissions. However, the more referrals you generate, the higher commission percentage you earn.


How will I be paid?

You can be paid either by check or through your PayPal account. All payments are made in $US dollars. Alternatively, if you want to be paid in stork food, we can arrange that.


When will I get paid?

We process payments to affiliates within 30 days after the end of the month in which the referral(s) have been made. If we can get it to you faster we will.


What happens if I refer another affiliate?

We greatly appreciate affiliate referrals. We have a system that allows tiered affiliates or sub-affiliates to be recruited under one primary or “parent” affiliate. The parent affiliate recruits other affiliates to join an affiliate program, and is then compensated an additional 5% – on top of their own marketing efforts – when their sub-affiliates successfully refer a customer who completes a purchase.  The 5% in on the total sales, less tax and shipping, generated by the referred affiliate(s) in any given month. Grow your team of affiliates today!


Where can I check the reporting on my sales and how often does it update?

Status of referrals and commission can be viewed in the Affiliate Area once you are logged in to your account. The system provides real time data so you can accurately measure your results.


If I have more than one website, can I link to The Baby Manual from each site?

Yes, you can register them together or separately.  If you would like to track them individually, it is recommended to register them separately.  It is up to you.


Which Baby Manual products can be sold by affiliates?

All products offered on babymanual.com may be marketed by affiliates. We have more products in development as well as several gift bundles on the way.


Will I get credit for a sale if a customer does not make a purchase same day?

Yes. We understand that a customer may not buy the first time they visit our site, so our affiliate software registers the direct link and gives you credit if the buyer purchases within 30 days after clicking your link, even if they go to babymanual.com directly. The only exceptions are if the customer deletes their cookies or uses a different computer, device, when they return to make a purchase.


What banners, promotions, images, or links will I have access to as an affiliate?

There are several banners, images, promotions, and links available through the “Creatives” tab located in the Affiliate Area once logged into your account.  Our creative storks are working hard to add fresh content as often as possible.


Where should I place the affiliate links on my site?

You should place your link where it is easy for your visitors to find. We offer a wide selection of text links, graphical banners, and creatives for you to utilize on your website. Placing these links higher up on your page will increase the chance of click throughs, which will ultimately result in higher commissions for you!


Can I promote with pay-per-click search engines?

Yes, you can promote your affiliate link in the various pay-per-click search engines.


Who can participate in the Affiliate Program? Anyone can join our Affiliate “Stork” Program but we are especially looking for positive individuals and groups who are motivated to help others and provide families with the foundation to thrive. We encourage you to read our About page, some Testimonies and Reviews from our customers, and the “Helpful facts to get the most out of our affiliate program” section on our Affiliate Benefits page before applying. Once you understand our mission, the potential impact to families, and feel a desire to bring it to fruition, please apply. We would love to work together. If you have any questions, please contact us.


Can a nonprofit join the Affiliate Program?

Yes, we encourage nonprofits to join our program.


Can I participate if I live outside the United States?

Yes, you may participate in our Affiliate Program if you live outside the United States. We have affiliates from all over the world and we are working to develop multilingual content.


How long is my commitment to this program?

You may end your participation in our Affiliate Program at any time. We would be sad to see you go.


Is there any additional information to help me gain a better understanding?

Most definitely! Please take a look at Glossary for Affiliates, Working Together, Affiliate Benefits, and our About Us page to help but don’t hesitate to contact us if you still have questions.


Whom do I contact if I have more questions?

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or just learn more about the program or products, please email questions to support@babymanual.com.