Apply now to help empower new parents to thrive in parenthood. Maybe it was due to an absent-minded stork, but it has been an all-too-familiar saying, “Babies don’t come with a manual”. Well, that is no longer true. We envision that one day every baby will come with The Baby Manual™. Anyone can help make this a reality and there are several ways to work together. Becoming an affiliate is a very easy and direct way to measure your impact and get compensated for it. Join our flock of storks as we help moms and dads harness the joy of parenthood!

Why Join Our Affiliate

  • The Baby Manual™ is a one-of-a-kind, award-winning video program that provides comprehensive training needed to prepare new parents for what’s to come when baby arrives.
  • There is nothing like it on the market. Parents-to-be typically read books and/or attend local baby care classes. Some books are fantastic. But even the best ones can’t compete with watching instructions on the screen – it is much quicker and more effective. In-person classes are not convenient and are limited to a one-time use. By the time baby arrives, the info is often forgotten. With our DVD and online streaming options, parents can review the material as their baby grows.
  • Our customers LOVE us! Check out these rave reviews. Clearly, there is a lot of need and demand for this kind of product.
  • Though our product is relatively new, we’ve already won Mom’s Choice and Mr Dad awards! We appeal to both moms AND dads. It’s incredibly helpful for them to learn together and prepare as a team.
  • You can earn money by spreading the word about our product. We have a very generous commission structure to reward your efforts. The satisfaction of knowing that you’re truly helping make a difference is a big bonus!
  • With our Affiliate Program, you will receive exclusive giveaways and content for your audience.
  • We have a large variety of ready-made banners, brochures, and widgets to make it easy for you to get started!

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